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March 3, 2020

Biography Mousa Rasaei بیوگرافی

Mousa Rasaei Biography Singer, Poet, Composer, Arrangement He was born in Tehran, Iran and began his artistic career since 2000 He Learned harmony and classical composing with Master Alireza Mashayakhi in Iran. He learned to Play Setar, Iranian instrument ... Read More »

March 03, 2020

August 22, 2017

Mousa Rasaei موسی رسایی

آلبوم ” بیدار شو ” منتشر شد. ” Wake Up ” Album released آلبوم “بیدار شو” پس از انتشار برای فروش در دسترس عموم قرار گرفت. اما همه گير شدن ويروس كرونا،  شرایط هولناکى برای هموطنان کشورم ایران  (که تقریبا هر ... Read More »

August 22, 2017 0

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