1-proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to secular world and outreach people ( Iranian-Afghans-Tajiks-Arabs) by utilizing the power of Media ,drama, musical theater, and choral music , movie , paint ,  Christian concert and all other Arts .

2-inspire and encourage Artists (musicians, actors, writers, dancers, directors and designers and all Artists to use their creativity and artistic abilities to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus.

3- Encouraging, supporting and guiding the artists to Use their creativity and help them realize their vision and pursue their calling and work and corporation with Artists in all the world on projects ( Movie , music video , Social media program,music , concert ,short movie, different  workshop like painting and photography and … )

4- Discipleship.

5-Having a home specified for all the artists productions ( Epiphanychristianarts.com )

6-rehabilitation and strengthening of Farsi speaking Churches.

7- Creating a platform for the cooperation and unity of those who have understood the mission of art for the growth and development of the church and also the transcendent human being.


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